1011: Gastronomic City Tour of Lima - Tourist Class PVT

Tour/Activity in Lima, Peru

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Full Day Activity. Discover Gastronomic City of Lima. Amano & Pedro de Osma Museum are closed on Mondays

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Gastronomic City Tour of Lima - Tourist Class

A full day to discover the city of Lima and the Peruvian cuisine. The first stop is a local Market, where you will learn about Peru's fruits and vegetables from the Coast, Andes, and Amazon regions. You will visit the Barranco Art Deco district, one of the city's hippest neighborhoods, with colorful streets, art, tucked-away bars, coffee shops, vibrant old mansions. Next you will go on a coffee and chocolate tasting. Then, you will visit the Pedro de Osma Museum; this house is more than one hundred years old and is still one of the most imposing buildings in the district. It stands out for its French style, its art nouveau stained glass windows, its metal ceilings, and its crystal chandeliers, as well as for its surroundings of beautiful gardens. The vast collection of colonial paintings, furniture, and sculptures at Museo Pedro de Osma are exceptional examples of the Roman Catholic artistic traditions referred to as Cusco and Lima schools. And the silverware collection and smattering of Inca relics are interesting, too. Next, you will head towards a contemporary Peruvian seaside restaurant with seafood cuisine inspiration. Be enchanted by one of the most beautiful views of Lima and taste the famous "ceviche." This recipe is prepared with fresh fish, limes, onions, and spicy peppers.  A bar experience to taste how to prepare the emblematic Peruvian drink "Pisco Sour." After cocktails, the 'Love Park' is in the upscale coastal district of Miraflores, where you can admire the cliffs and a spectacular view of the Pacific Ocean. Then, you will head towards San Isidro district, the "Olives Park." Visit a Pre-Columbian Huaca to learn about the civilization of Lima, the Huacas, and temples that are now submerged in the urban city. Now it is time to explore the colonial town of Lima, a UNESCO World Heritage Site packed with fascinating historic buildings. Visit Chinatown, the largest in South America, and feel the mixture of Peruvian and Chinese cultures. Continue to the Main Square, where you can appreciate the exquisite architecture. Stroll over to the Cathedral, which was begun in the 16th century and took 80 years to build. Finally, you will drive through the old streets, with a spectacular view of traditional mansions and Moorish-style balconies. Your last stop includes a refreshing drink at one emblematic bar in Lima Center.

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