1322: Lima Colonial City Tour (Cathedral & San Francisco Museum)+Larco Museum - Tourist Class - PVT

Tour/Activity in Lima, Peru

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Half Day Activity. Discover Colonial Lima and the world's most extensive private collection of pre-Columbian art at Larco Museum.

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City Tour Lima Colonial (Cathedral & San Francisco Museum) + Larco Museum

You will explore the colonial downtown of Lima, a UNESCO World Heritage Site with fascinating historic buildings, where you can appreciate the grandiose architecture and the Spanish balconies. Stroll over the Main Square and visit the Cathedral of Lima in the city’s historic center is the Lima’s most iconic building and home to the best museum of religious art. Your next stop is The San Francisco Museum, located just 350 meters from the historic Main Square. What stands out the most this place are the Coral Room and the Library of the monks. The Great Patio of the Main Cloister is finely decorated with 16th-century Sevillian tiles, its Moorish arches, and underground crypts known as the catacombs. You will continue to the Larco Museum, the world's most extensive private collection of pre-Columbian art. The collection concentrates on the refined ceramics of the Moche Dynasty and the people who lived along the northern coast of Peru between 200 and 700 AD. Through ceramic designs and shapes, you can learn about their religion, agriculture, transport, dance, and music.

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