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Cusco City Tour (Sacsayhuaman + Korikancha + Market) + San Blas Artisans

You will be picked up from your hotel to begin your City Tour, visiting Cusco's Historical Inca and Spanish Colonial Monuments, such as the Main Square, known in Inca times as Huacaypata or the Warrior's Square; it was the scene for many key events in Cusco's history. Afterward, you will visit the surrounding ruins of the city of Cusco: Sacsayhuaman, one of the most impressive buildings in the world, an Inca ceremonial temple with a unique panoramic view of the surroundings of the city of Cusco dedicated to the Father Sun, and the Inca military. This massive Inca fortress is built on three overlapping platforms, each over 360 m long. Continue to Koricancha or Temple of the Sun. Koricancha (in Quechua, site of gold) was the main religious building of the Incas dedicated to the worship of the Sun and whose walls, according to the chroniclers, were plated with sheets of gold. Magnificent blocks of finely carved stone were used in its construction. Next, we will stop at the San Pedro Local market, one of the most picturesque places in Cusco. 1,180 stores sell fruits, vegetables, bread, sweets, utensils, breakfasts, lunches, and other crafts. Then, you will go to the San Blas neighborhood, where famous artisans traditionally gathered, just a short but increasingly steep walk from the Plaza de Armas. It has artist studios, artisan workshops, and many of the best bars and restaurants. It is a great area to walk around; many streets are for pedestrians only. In the small plaza at the top and to the right of Cuesta San Blas is the small white Temple of San Blas, which is said to be the oldest parish church in Cusco. Many talented people live in the San Blas area as it has an artistic personality. The famous art of Cusco is the result of the fusion of two worlds, between the ancient Andean world and the European world of the fourteenth and fifteenth centuries. But the value of this result is the added syncretic quality, the technology, and the remarkable skill of its artisans in all their expressions: textiles, ceramics, and images, as well as goldsmithing and jewelry. You will visit the workshop of two talented artists: Sabino Huamán, a luthier, one of only two in Peru. He makes many instruments, including percussion, string, and wind. A unique instrument is the 16-string mandolin-type instrument. He makes all these instruments in his house and happily invites people to listen and learn. He might even let you play his guitar made from an armadillo! Later, you will visit the workshop of the Mendivil family, a famous family of artisans who live in the San Blas neighborhood. They are especially renowned for their sculptures of religious icons. Hilario Mendivil (1929-77), San Blas's most famous artist, was recognized for his religious sculptures depicting long necks. There is a small gallery displaying this religious art and a shop selling Mendivil-style works.

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