805: Chinchero Workshop + Maras & Moray Archaeological Sites - Tourist Class - PVT

Tour/Activity in Sacred Valley, Peru

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Full day Actividad.

Your Travel Experience with Tucano Perú

Chinchero Workshop + Maras & Moray Archaeological Sites

Today, you will visit Chinchero, a small traditional town on the road to Urubamba from Cusco. In Chinchero, you will see a traditional weaving workshop where you will be given a fascinating presentation on how local artisans use natural products such as various plants, minerals, and even insects to obtain the varied selection of colors used to dye their textiles. You will continue to the Maras salt mines. These salt mines have been used since long before Inca times. The extraction method involves using an ancient drying process, whereby salty water flowing from an underground stream is left in thousands of wells until it has evaporated, leaving only the salt, which is then ready. To be sold or exchanged for supplies. Then continue to the Archaeological Site of Moray; these unusual Inca constructions, which mainly consist of several huge circular terraced depressions, have been built in such a way that the temperature difference between the highest and lowest terrace can be up to 10 ° C. Moray appears to have been an Inca agricultural experimentation station to adapt crops to different microclimates.

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